Richland County Emergency Notifications Via CodeRED

Richland County Disaster and Emergency Services has implemented a new system called CodeRED. This system will be used to notify residents of emergencies, notifying them of a threat or danger and providing them with information on what they should do.

This system will help Richland County instantly notify specific areas of emergencies such as hazardous materials, crime, evacuations, shelter-in-place, wildfires affecting populated areas, and other times of emergencies.

It will be used to supplement Fire, Law, EMS, DES, and other agencies to be able to instantly alert residents of immediate danger.

Residents will receive alerts via mobile SMS, mobile voice message, landline voice message, and/or email. A CodeRED mobile app can also be downloaded.

Through online registration, people can register what phones/email they would like notified and what type of notifications they would like to receive from DES or county emergency agencies.

More information on CodeRed can be accessed on the Richland County website at

Utilizing CodeRED, emergency officials may quickly and easily reach residents through a variety of ways, including:

- Cell Phone - Voice, Text, or Emergency Message

- Landline Phone - Via Voice Message

- Email

- Social Media

- EAS - Emergency Alert System via Radio, NOAA Radio, or Cable Provider

Sign Up Instructions

When signing up for CodeRED, you will come to a page where you can either create an account or enroll as a guest. We recommend creating an account as you can easily monitor your settings in the future.

- You will be asked to provide your info and address. This is so when we send an Alert to a specific location, it will pick your location and notify you if the emergency is in your area.

- Your phone number will allow us to send voice or text alerts to your phone.

- For Hearing Impaired, please select "TDD/TYY device" otherwise please leave this unselected.

- Your email will allow us to send Alerts to Email to further reach residents with important Emergency Alerts.

- General Alerts: Are non Emergency alerts that may be sent out for information or notification.

- Optional Weather Alerts: Are alerts sent by the Weather Service and provide information regarding the weather.

The last page will provide the numbers Alerts will be received from. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Please add these numbers to your contacts under a name that is easily identifiable such as:

866-419-5000 "Richland Emergency Alert"

855-969-4636 "Richland General Notification"

800-566-9780 "Richland Weather Warning Alert"

Data Privacy

CodeRED is a service of Emergency Communications Network which takes security and privacy very seriously. They will not sell, trade, lease or loan any data residents supply to any third parties. Your data provided will only be used for emergency notifications.

How to Register for Emergency Notifications

You may register for CodeRED Emergency Notifications for Richland County by clicking on the image above, or by following the following link:

Annual Testing

Currently, we are developing a plan to test our system annually. We will test both the Emergency Alert and General Notification systems.

We will notify everyone prior to testing the system to make sure it is recognized.

Questions & Help

If you have any questions or need assistance signing up for notifications, please feel free to contact the Emergency Management office at 406-433-2220.


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