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As producers are preparing to start seeding, there are many factors to consider, and pure live seed (PLS) is one of them. Recommended seeding rates for crops are given in pounds of PLS per acre. Using these seeding rates would assume that every seed is viable and able to establish a plant, when in reality not every seed that is planted will result in a plant. Therefore, you must adjust the seeding rate based on the given germination and purity percentages. On a seed tag, there should be a germination percentage, which is an estimate of how many seeds are actually viable in that bag. The tag will also list other percentages that should be minimal such as weed seed, other seed, and inert matter. You can determine purity by subtracting these other percentages from 100, however, purity may already be listed on the tag as pure seed. Follow the steps below to determine the adjusted seeding rate based on your seed tag to achieve the desired stand establishment. Be sure to use whole number percentages in this calculation.

Step 1: (% germination × % purity) = PLS Index 10,000

Step 2: Seeding Rate = lbs bagged seed per acre PLS Index

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