Shane Kyhl Statement to Richland County Voters

My name is Shane Kyhl, and I am running as a constitutional sheriff a conservative Republican. I received my criminal Justice degree in 2010, and I specialize in leadership and management I’m a hands-on manager. I believe in America, the constitution, and freedom, this includes protecting your health choices. I will bring to serve and protect to Richland County. Your constitutionally protected rights would be my responsibility duty, and privilege to protect and defend. I believe in the right to keep and bear arms and clearly; I am the best candidate to represent gun owners and hunters in Richland County. When I take my oath of office as Sheriff, I will swear obedience and fidelity to the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the state of Montana. The Constitution is not a living document as some may suggest. Those who say it is have an agenda to twist its words to make the law say things that the lawmakers did not intend them to say. Laws are to be made by lawmakers and those laws are not to violate the laws of the constitution. I recognize the constitution as it is written it’s black and white it is the supreme law. Richland County needs more so now than ever a constitutional sheriff who will reject enforcing, all unconstitutional mandates now and in the future.

As your sheriff, I will target crime and illegal drugs you can’t sit around and wait for crimes to occur. The best prevention is community policing, you’ve got to go out and target crime. I will utilize sheriff volunteers as eyes and ears of what’s going on in the county and be more proactive. I believe that everyone who lives and works here in Richland County are stakeholders in this community. If you truly want change for the better the sheriff’s Department and the public will need to have an open partnership and clear transparency to target crime.

Sheriff Deputies and Volunteers will work closely with Richland County’s youth to prevent them from going down the wrong path. Drugs the illegal ones are the cause of many crimes; they are a big problem because they affect so many lives. Deputies will spend less time doing traffic stops within city limits and be more community safety-focused.

My commitment to Richland County is to bring accountability and hire honest ethical and moral deputies. I will put a high priority on candidates with life experience from our own county all will be welcome to apply. All citizens whether you’re a newcomer or lifelong resident you should feel you will receive a fair and unbiased interaction with the sheriff’s office!

As your sheriff, I will introduce fit for service. A physically fit deputy also promotes a positive image of their organization and instills confidence in the public they serve. I will hold myself to the same physical standards as the deputies.

Richland County residents, Change starts from the top! I ask for your vote Tuesday, June 7, 2022. A vote for rebuilding trust within the county. By promoting positive enforcement activities by having deputies exit their vehicles to build relationships with citizens. vote for strong leadership, and a new direction, for Richland County.


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