U Of M Range Student Interns At Culbertson Ranch

University of Montana student Bridger Line is spending his summer as a Montana Working Lands intern. A graduate of Missoula Sentinel he is experiencing eastern Montana's farming and ranching lifestyles. The program is headquartered out of the University of Montana. in accordance with the Montana DNRC.

Line is interning at the Iverson Ranch, Dick and Connie, on Timber Creek, 30 miles south of Culbertson.

The program consists of four interns spending two weeks each experimenting.on five different ranches in weed management and the farming and ranching lifestyle.

His majors are resource conservation and wildlife biology.

The challenging and rapidly evolving field of environmental conservation requires broad training and the ability to integrate and communicate across disciplines. Resource Conservation is an interdepartmental undergraduate major that prepares students for the diverse opportunities that now exist in environmental conservation, natural resource management and sustainable livelihoods and communities.

The Wildlife Biology Program combines the best features of a liberal arts curriculum with scientific preparation in wildlife conservation. The program provides students with an extensive knowledge in ecology, population biology. conservation biology and critical thinking and quantitative skills.


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