WREC Adds A New Staff Member To The Team

The Williston Research Extension Center added a new staff member to their team, Dr. Edson Ncube.

"This is an exciting position offered by Dr. Audrey Kalil in which I am looking forward to conducting applied research targeting the management of crop diseases which cause economic losses to farms in the MonDak Region," said Ncube.

Dr. Ncube will be working on plant disease research that increases climate resiliency of durum wheat, chickpea, lentil, and pea production. He hopes to address the current gap in knowledge regarding appropriate planting dates for the management of Pythium seed rot and Ascochyta blight in chickpeas.

Previously, Dr. Ncube was a plant pathology researcher at the Agricultural Research Council in South Africa, conducting research on corn ear rot diseases, mycotoxins, and sorghum foliar diseases. He obtained his PhD in plant pathology from Stellenbosch University, South Africa in 2017.

Ncube has previously conducted studies and published on the interactive effect of corn stemborers and Fusarium fungal pathogens on ear rot and mycotoxin contamination in order to reduce food losses and improve food safety. He has also conducted foliar disease screening of sorghum cultivars and produced data for use by farmers in selecting cultivars based on resistance to these foliar diseases.

 So far, Ncube has really liked working at the WREC. "It is always a challenging time starting a new position. I have been fortunate in this position in that I have tremendous support from the Director Dr Jerry Bergman WREC director; as well as Dr Kalil and colleagues at the WREC. So, this has enabled me to adapt to the fast-paced work environment here at NDSU."

Dr. Ncube is also enjoying living in North Dakota. "The people of North Dakota have been stunning in welcoming us to the United States. It is awesome and I am having the time of my life working here."


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