(Updated 10-12-22) Flag-Raising Ceremony At Heritage Park & North Dakota Oil Museum Has Been Cancelled

(Updated 10-12-22) The Heritage Park & North Dakota Oil Museum flag-raising ceremony has been cancelled.

(Original Story) The museum, formally known as the McKenzie County Heritage Park, has 16 different flags representing the different countries the original settlers had come from when they settled in McKenzie County. Because of the construction being done for the new building, all the flagpoles were taken down. Now they are all back up and three taller ones were put up for the American, Canadian, and North Dakota state flags. The American flag is a very large flag, at 15 by 25 feet, and the American Legion Carl E. Rogan Post 29 Drill Team will be raising it. The finer details of it are still being worked out with the drill team but, according to museum staff member Sandy Rieker, they mean to honor and celebrate our country, servicemen, and women by holding it.

The new American flag will be raised on its pole at 904 2nd Ave. SW, Watford City at the front of the museum bringing the total to 18 flags.


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