Farm Bureau Applauds Bipartisan Effort To Keep Economy Moving

Bozeman, MT - The Montana Farm Bureau expresses gratitude for the bi-partisan effort by Congress to avert a disastrous rail strike. More than 2,000 Farm Bureau members nationwide submitted comments to their Congressional delegations, voicing strong concerns about how a rail strike would harm the economy across the country.

“The strike would have been devastating to farmers,” said MFBF President Cyndi Johnson, Conrad grain farmer. “The disruptions in this critical rail service would have had ripple effects that would have hurt farmers and our buyers. Many grain buyers, who purchase millions of bushels of grain from Montana, would have been stymied, thus negatively affecting the entire economy of our state. We are thankful our elected officials were able to prevent that from happening.”

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall added, “AFBF applauds Congress and President Biden for working together to avert a rail strike. High diesel prices, a truck driver shortage, and low water levels on the Mississippi River have already made shipping conditions difficult. A rail strike would have had a devastating effect on the American economy, especially as families grapple with higher prices caused by inflation.

“Farmers rely on trains to transport food and feed, and they also depend on the rails to bring important supplies like fertilizer back to the farm, which is why AFBF urged Congress and the president to find a solution to the rail worker impasse,” Duvall said. “Their bipartisan efforts will help ensure farmers can continue delivering food from their farms to families across the country.”


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