Upgrading 911 Services In Richland County with Text Messaging

Sheriff Dynneson, Richland County Sheriff’s Office would like to inform the residents of Richland County that in their continued efforts to upgrade 911 services, they have implemented Text-to-911. This upgrade allows callers to send a text message from their mobile phone or devices to reach 911 emergency dispatchers.

However, because voice calls to the 911 center generally provides more information, Sheriff Dynneson encourages callers always to make voice calls during an emergency.

Should the caller be in a location of no cell service and attempting to text a message, the caller should receive a “bounce-back” message that will advise the caller to contact emergency services by another means so that it is not assumed that the message was transmitted or received.

Texting will also provide more opportunity for those who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech disabled.

If no service is available, use a TTY if possible.


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