MT FWP Region 7's First Late-Season Antlerless Elk Hunt Runs Nov. 28-Feb. 15

Unused general elk or limited-draw elk B licenses valid in HDs 702, 704 and 705

Miles City – Southeast Montana’s first late-season hunt, previously known as a shoulder season, will run from Nov. 28-Feb. 15. In FWP Region 7, the late season allows antlerless elk hunting with either an unused over-the-counter general elk license or a limited-draw elk B license on private lands in Hunting Districts 702, 704, 705.

A late-season hunt is a firearms season that occurs outside the general season and is focused on antlerless elk harvest. Late-season hunts are not intended to replace harvest during the archery or general seasons but aim to provide additional antlerless elk harvest to bring elk populations closer to objectives.

In Region 7, any unused 007-00 and 799-00 elk B licenses can be used. The 700-00 B license also can be used, but only in HDs 702, 704 and 705 and from Nov. 28-Feb. 15; it is not valid in HD 700 for the late season.

Even though a late season occurs outside the general season, all hunting regulations apply, including (but not limited to): obtaining landowner permission to hunt on private lands, properly validating your license, wearing 400 square inches of orange visible above the waist, following legal shooting times, not shooting across a public road or right of way, retaining evidence of sex of the animal, and not shooting from a vehicle.

FWP does not provide a list of regional landowners allowing access for late-season hunts. Hunters are urged to contact private landowners as early as possible, and please be respectful during the holiday season.

Block Management cooperators were given the opportunity to opt out of the late season, and some BMAs in the late-season districts are not participating. More information can be found in the 2022 Hunting Access Guide.

Biologists would like to remind license holders that this is not a “damage hunt,” with elk stacked up in concentrated areas. Hunters should prepare to hunt hard for elk, no different than any other hunting season. Expect variable weather conditions to possibly include deep snow, cold, and/or muddy conditions. Hunters should have means to retrieve elk over potentially long distances.

For questions on late-season hunts, visit the FWP website at


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