Guest Opinion: Legislative Report

Greetings from Helena!

There was a lot of activity at the capitol this week. I saw a few people from eastern Montana. It is fun to have you stop and see us if you are in Helena.

One important bill that is coming up soon in Judiciary committee is SB99. This bill prohibits kids under 18 years old from receiving surgery to alter their anatomy in an attempt to change their gender. I have received a lot of mail on this subject, much of it is hard to understand, but it has not changed my mind.

SB58, my Block Management bill, has passed out of the floor and is headed to Senate Finance and Claims. I will present SB42, Revise Laws Related to Easements On State Lands, this week. There are several moving parts in the legislature, and it can be quite a juggling act to be in the right place at the right time.

Another hearing that was in Senate Business and Labor Committee was the Convention of States (SJ2), carried by Senator McGillvary. One of the proponents of SJ2, was Former US Senator Rick Santorum from Pennsylvania. Beth and I had a chance to visit with Senator Santorum for a little while. Another dignitary we had a chance to be with this week was Congressman Rosendale. Congressman Rosendale helped us kick off our Freedom Caucus Event, where we had over 200 enthusiastic supporters of freedom.

If you want to look up the text of a bill you can find it at

For Freedom, Senator Steve Hinebauch


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