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Things keep rolling on fast pace at the Capitol. There are lots of people involved in this process. There are elected officials, people representing themselves, agencies, and of course there are lobbyists and special interest groups, trying to help us from our opinion on most bills. It is an interesting process.

One of the bills we heard this past week in Judiciary committee was SB210. This bill deals with assisted suicide. There are several problems now with Montana Code Annotated (MCA) concerning assisted suicide. As far as death certificates, life insurance and family members there is potentially a lot of problems.

Another group of bills we are hearing in Judiciary committee, from Senator Fitzpatrick, are about injunctions. It seems like a person can stop a building project, or a mine, or a bill, with an unreasonable judge granting an injunction.  We have seen this happen on several bills we passed last session. We want an injunction to have a time limit and not last forever. If it is important it needs to be heard in a timely manner.

I presented SB55 on the Senate floor this week. SB55 was a bill I carried for DEQ which allowed them to be part of the Interstate Mining Compact with Wyoming and 25 other states. It passed with good margins.

The other big issue on the floor was SJ2, the Convention of States bill. This resolution tries to group the majority of the states together, in accordance with Article V of the US Constitution, to rein in the out-of-control Federal Government. Quite often we see more Federal Government intrusions into our lives. They should be worrying about enemies who want to harm us, and they don’t seem to be doing that. Case in point, the Chinese spy balloon that was in our skies for days, surveilling our military bases, and was allowed to run its course. And don’t forget about the fentanyl problem coming across our southern border.

If you are ever in Helena, be sure to look us up.  If you want to look up the text of a bill you can find it at

For Freedom,


Steve Hinebauch


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