Conservation District Cost Share Deadline Feb. 28

Time is running out to apply for conservation cost share funding through the Richland County Conservation District. Examples of eligible practices include, irrigation projects, stock wells, pipelines, grass seeding, fencing or any project that enhances or protects the natural resource.

Landowners in Richland County seeking to implement conservation practices on their property may be eligible for 50% cost share or limited to $4,500 on the practices. Practices must benefit the natural resources in Richland County, Design standards and specifications need to follow NRCS specifications where applicable. Applications are available at the conservation district office and will be accepted Feb 28. The conservation district will rank the applicants using ranking criteria and contracts will be awarded by March 31. Proposed practices must be completed within the year of approval and payment will be made upon completion and inspection of the project. Projects that have been implemented prior to contract agreements are not eligible for cost share. The Richland County Board of Supervisors will make all decisions on prioritizing and acceptation of applications.

If you have a smaller conservation practice that would enhance the natural resources in Richland County, stop by the conservation district office at 2745 W Holly St to pick up an application, call 406-943-3001 or email [email protected] to have an application sent to you. Applications are due back to the conservation district by Feb. 28 and applicants will be notified by mid-March if they will be funded.


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