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Not Guilty Plea in Embezzlement Case


March 29, 2023 | View PDF

Samantha Berry, Savage Sunrise Manor former administrator, who is being charged with embezzling over $30K from the business, was scheduled for an omnibus hearing Monday, March 13 to update details about the case.

Berry’s first day in court was Monday, Jan. 30. She had plead not guilty but did not have representation at the time. She did acquire Shannon Sweeney, a licensed attorney in Montana and Arizona, as representation and they were able to provide the information required before the hearing date and it was canceled. Berry is keeping her plea.

Many hearings are set throughout the spring and summer in preparation for Berry’s trial. If the case is not dismissed beforehand, a jury trial for Berry’s case is set for 9 a.m., July 20 and 21.

Berry’s legal representation was unavailable for comment.


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