Partnership For Promise Hosts "Photo Voice"

Pictures provide a powerful voice, creating a visual expression of something that may be hard to put into words. To enhance the voices of Richland County, particularly kids, Partnership For Promise is sponsoring Photo Voice encouraging kids, or adults, to take a picture of something in the community that they are proud of, or something of concern.

Partnership For Promise explains the five basic concepts behind the Photo Voice project as follows. Images teach; pictures can influence policy; community members ought to participate in creating and defining the images that shape healthful public policy; the process requires that, from the outset, planners bring policy makers and other influential people to the table to serve as an audience; Photo Voice emphasizes individual and community action.

To submit your photos, email them to [email protected].

In 1997, a President’s Summit was held in Washington, DC laying the groundwork for what would become America’s Promise Alliance For Youth program, with the goal of improving the lives and future of America’s youth.

Partnership For Promise began in 1998 following the Governor’s Summit on Youth for Montana’s Promise. It is the youth-based coalition part of Communities in Action and operates on five promises to children and youth: caring adults, safe places, healthy start, marketable skills and opportunities to serve. It also partners with other programs that focus on drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention, bullying availability and quality of preschools and family engagement programs such as Parenting Montana.

The oldest group in Communities in Action, the coalition has been very productive over the years. It was instrumental in bringing the Boys and Girls Club to Richland County, helped with the creation of Sidney’s skate park, has facilitated some after school projects and provided early learning backpacks through the Family Resource Council, just to name a few.

This is your opportunity to serve, and help create the kind of community you want to live in. Use your Photo Voice and share your opinions with pictures!


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