In the MonDak Ag Days Recap that ran in the April 2023 issue of the April Ag Roundup on page 4 and the March 15 issue of The Roundup on page 14A where it talked about Jerry Weiland there are some corrections.

It said Jerry Weiland is the Midwest and West region salesman for Franco and it should have been Jerry Weiland is the Midwest and Western Region salesman for Fratco.

Where it said “the excess water from the soil is siphoned away” and it should have said the water is moved only by the force of gravity which moves the EXCESS water down in the soil profile and allows the needed air into the soil for proper plant root development and provide an environment for a host of biology necessary to support that plant life.

Also, it said “A drawback of drainage tiles is they don’t just remove water, they take fertilizer and nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus,” while it should have been: a. The area where fertilizer are most condensed and are lost from the field is through erosion when water runs over the top of the ground, not through the tile. Other valuable items lost are chemicals for weed control and organic material. These are all costly items to replace and aid in growing better crops. Farmers definitely want to keep as much of that in their fields as possible; b. Phosphorus is only moderately soluble and, compared to nitrate, are not very mobile in soils or groundwater; c. Drainage tile helps reduce the toxic algae blooms by allowing soil to act as a filter thus reducing the amount of nutrients in the drained water.


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