More To Racing Than The Laps To Caruthers

Austin Caruthers, Williston Basin Speedway president, has been involved with racing most of his life. This may be his first year as president, but it's his third racing, and he plans on continuing to race full time. He credits his ability to do both to Williston Basin Speedway's dedicated board members, who work together to keep things functioning smoothly.

Dirt track racing is incredibly demanding of its drivers and those that support them, and Austin said this about his passion. "It's one of the hardest things you can do. You have to love it." He personally hopes to see his own improvement but has several goals for the speedway itself. He'd like to see their car account numbers rise, meaning more cars and racers at the track. He'd also like to draw more spectators to enjoy their multiple offerings of racing classes. They have 5 IMCA divisions; modifieds, stock cars, sport mods, hobby stock, and junior slingshots. One thing he's aware that is a deterrent to many viewers, especially those with children, is the undeniable fact that a dirt track is, well, dirty. The racers stir up quite the gritty storm, but they have some tricks up their sleeves this year to hopefully cut back on some of the dust and debris for spectators.

So, from a driver's view, what are some of the high points of racing? It's the camaraderie between the other racers, the support staff, and the fans for Austin. The relationships at the track are strong, and he says not a person there wouldn't give "the shirt off their back" to help a fellow racer. However, a track is a demanding place, and they are always happy for volunteers. The amount of work that goes into each race and regular maintenance is staggering, and he'd love to see more willing to help. If interested, email [email protected] to inquire.


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