Richland Co. Transportation Services Looking For Substitute Drivers

What would you do if you couldn't just hop in your car and head to the store, the doctor, a friend's house? That is the reality for a lot of people living in Richland County. Luckily, Richland County Transportation Service (RCTS) can provide those services Monday-Friday from 7 a.m.-6 p.m. but they need your help.

RCTS is looking for community-minded individuals with some extra time on their hands to be substitute drivers. Substitute drivers provide an important service in a couple of ways. First, the drivers provide a wonderful service for the community with free rides, that's right, every ride is free and they also provide a service to our valued full-time drivers who need their own breaks and vacations.

Substitute drivers would only work to fill in for our drivers when they need time off; at times that may be several times a month and other times maybe just once or twice. One of the great things about this position is that this is one of the few jobs where you can say "no" and it will be ok. We recognize that you may have other plans so if you aren't available, we would call the next driver on the list.

All of the RCTS vehicles are under 15-passengers so no CDL is required; all you need is a winning attitude and acceptable driving record. If you are looking for something to do with your extra time while making a real difference to those around you, consider calling RCTS at 406-433-7433.


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