Watford, ONT,Canada, Shares 150th Anniversary With Olsons

After meeting each other at the Long X Visitors' Center in 2019, Kelly and Frances Olson, Watford City, ND, and Jeannie and John Minten, Watford, ONT, Canada stayed in touch with each other partially because they experienced so many likenesses in their communities.

Since the village of Watford was having their 150th anniversary on June 23 the Mintens chose to invite the Olsons to attend.

Since Dr. Vaughn Morris, who was a doctor in Schafer and Watford City from 1906-1940, named Watford after his hometown Watford, ONT, in 1915, Later the post office and freight shipments got confused with Wolford, ND, so added the word "city" to the town's name.

Excited to see their Canadian friends, the Olsons were curious and chose to attend.

"At every event, they introduced us and why we were there," states Frances. "Making it really easy to talk to everyone about the likenesses and differences." They had a parade and the stores had displays of antiques in their windows.

Watford, ONT, is 1430 miles from Watford City, ND, one hour north of Detroit, between Lakes Huron and Erie and has a population of 1750.

They raise hogs and sheep primarily like Watford City, but the difference in the two is that acreage sells for $40,000/acre (Canadian dollars).

The other difference between the two, the Canadians closed their show with a fire of sawdust from their Searson Sawmill (see photo).


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