Clean Grain Bins To Reduce Insect Problems

Information from this article was taken from the NDSU Crop & Pest Report, Aug. 25, 2022.

Cleaning grain bins is the key to preventing insect problems in stored grain. Any old grain or even dust residue left in the bins is enough for some insects to survive and infest new grain. Remove any leftover grain from the bin and sweep and vacuum the walls. After cleaning, check the bins for any cracks or holes and seal them, as this is how most grain insects get into the bin. Clean the area outside of the bins, removing vegetation in a 10-foot border around the bins. After cleaning and repairing the bin, it is important to spray a residual bin insecticide both inside and outside the bin. Examples include malathion, Tempo, Diacon IGR Plus, or Centynal EC. These should be applied two weeks before new grain is placed in the bin. Apply the spray to walls, floors, joints, seams, cracks, ledges, and corners. Insect pests can reduce the quality and salability of your grain, making it important to take steps to prevent their infestations.


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