Keith Steinbeisser Memorial Livestock Judging


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Novice Individual (L to R): 3rd - Kinsey Nagle, 2nd - Makena Balducke and 1st - Clancy Marshall.

Keith Steinbeisser Memorial Livestock Judging Results Oct. 1



1st: Richland County Novice #1: Kenzie Nagle, Makena Balducke, Clancy Marshall, and Aspen Nagle

2nd: Richland County Novice #2: Brynlee McNally, Peyton Denowh, Kree McNally, and Oliver Becker


1st: Kenzie Nagle / Richland County Novice #1

2nd: Makena Balducke / Richland County Novice #1

3rd: Clancy Marshall / Richland County Novice #1

Top Reasons

1st: Oliver Becker / Richland County Novice #2



1st: Custer County/Richland County: Layla Dice, Kamden Johnson, Ted Jeffers, and Lucy Jeffers

2nd: Carbon County: Harleigh Donnelly, Nevaeh Rupprecht, Molly Miller, and Mabel Donnelly

3rd: Richland County Juniors #2: Felixe Becker, Beau Becker, Kendal Vitt, and Gavin Schieber


1st: Layla Dice/Custer County/Richland

2nd: Nevaeh Ruprecht /Carbon County

3rd: Molly Miller/Carbon County

Top Reasons:

1st: Nevaeh Rupprecht /Carbon County



1st: Richland County Seniors #1: Cooper McNally, Marett Schieber, Maddie Schieber, and Quaid Marshall

2nd: Richland County Seniors #3: Shelsey Brandvold, Grace Ones, Maziee Kirby, and Mariah Bauer

3rd: Richland County Seniors #2: Danica Denowh, Chase Bierley, Julie Emeline, and Trevor Jeffers


1st: Cooper McNally / Richland County Seniors #1

2nd: Marett Schieber / Richland County Seniors #1

3rd: Grace Ones / Richland County Seniors #3

Top Reasons:

1st: Cooper McNally / Richland County Seniors #1



1st: Plentywood FFA #1: Chasyn Arenson, Lindsey Johnson, Beau Chase, and April McCabe

2nd: Dawson FFA #1: Ashton Smeltzer, Connley Hoagland, Jordyn Trangmoe, and Ariana Hoff

3rd: Dawson FFA #2: Addie Quinn, Koby Granmoe, Connor Brophy, and Hailey Groski


Junior Individual (L to R): 3rd - Molly Miller, 2nd - Nevaen Rupprecht, and 1st - Lalya Dice.

1st: Chasyn Arneson / Plentywood FFA #1

2nd: Lindsey Johnson / Plentywood FFA #1

3rd: Hailey Groski / Dawson FFA #2

Top Reasons:

1st: Lindsey Johnson / Plentywood FFA #1



1st - Misty Donnelly / Carbon County

2nd: Sierra Osborne / Plentywood

3rd: Luke Miller / Carbon County


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