Buckshot Seeds To Hold Customer Appreciation/2024 Crop Planning Event Tuesday, Oct. 24

Beginning at 6 p.m., Mark and Sue Erickson, Buckshot Seeds, will be holding a Fall Customer Appreciation and 2024 Crop Planning event at their office and warehouse on Tuesday, Oct. 24 on 34752 CR 119. REA Hybrids is merging with another Bayer brand, Channel, and special pricing will be offered for REA Hybrid seed at the meeting.

The event will start with a steak dinner as appreciation for their client's business. Mark said, "We've been so well received here. We've worked in the area but never had roots like this, before." The meeting will begin after everyone has eaten. The Ericksons asked Joe Schefers, regional agronomy lead, Bayer, to come talk about what the genetics he helps develop do for corn and soybean seed grown in this area. Representatives from NuSeed are coming to promote the Omega-3 Canola system.

Nuseed has had Omega3 Canola out for about 2-3 years. According to a pamphlet put out by Nuseed, they want to meet the increasing demands of the aquaculture and human nutrition markets for plant-based long-chain omega-3 sources. It says that two acres of Omega-3 canola will produce as much DHA as 10,000 one-kilogram fish. He said, "It is grown and pressed in the United States and then shipped overseas to be put in farmed fish food." He also said that he would like to see processing plants for the oil brought here, to this region, so the highly nutritious meal can be fed to livestock. It is unclear whether the meal would have increased levels of Omega3s, but even if it did not the meal still would be 34% protein and 6% fat. This is Buckshot Seed's first year of offering the Omega-3 Canola system.

The Ericksons enjoy their time in the MonDak region and love to hold events to get together and talk with the local farmers. Mark said, "I'm not very smart but I know a lot of smart people so I try to get them here to talk."


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