Holden Expresses Support For Montana Stockgrowers and Grazing Districts American Prairie Reserve Appeal


October 11, 2023 | View PDF

Ric Holden speaks to Prairie County Grazing Association in Terry. (Photo submitted)

Long time rancher and congressional candidate, Ric Holden, recently spoke to the Prairie County Grazing Association, in Terry at their annual meeting. Holden took part in discussions concerning the Bureau of Land Management decision to allow for the removal of cross fencing on government pasture allotments requested by the American Prairie Reserve. Bison tend to naturally congregate around water sources, which stresses and denudes these fragile areas.

Holden stated that, "Our family has had BLM rental allotments before, and I cannot even imagine how the department would allow the removal of cross fencing on those allotments." Holden went on to assure the members that he would not support the favoritism that the department is showing the American Prairie Reserve on this grazing issue. Holden stated, "The American Prairie Reserve is supporting the effort to drive family cattle ranchers off the land and replace them with Bison operations." It is proven by range science that cross fencing preserves and protects the prairie from overgrazing of the land by controlling the movement of cattle or buffalo. Holden said, "I support the Montana Stockgrowers and Grazing Districts legal actions to appeal the departments ruling on this issue". Holden believes that the unfenced bison will damage the land and set a poor precedent for future government grazing decisions.


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Tucker writes:

Cattle congregate around water sources, Bison do not. Please get your facts correct.


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