Christmas Movie & Sock Donation Event Coming To Sidney Dec. 22

Eastern Montana Community Mental Health Center Prevention Services and Richland County Drug Free Communities is having their first ever Christmas movie and Sock Donation event in the Richland County Event Center Friday, Dec. 22.

They will be showing “Elf” and attendees will be treated to hot cocoa during the movie. Those who come are expected to wear Christmas pajamas, bring socks, and their own blankets. The staff of Drug Free Communities provide chairs for those who do not have blankets to sit on.

During the movie the audience will be asked to roll up their socks in preparation of the next part of the event. After the movie, all the rolled-up socks become indoor snowball replacements and the battle is on. An anonymous donor who will not be attending donated extra socks so that if families are not able to buy socks they may still participate in the snowball fight.

The free event is the idea of Lauren Rogers, prevention specialist, and was created as another fun thing for kids to do over the winter months. This will be a family friendly event and people of all walks of life are welcome to attend.

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