Congressman Rosendale Launches U.S. Senate Campaign

Helena – Feb. 9, Congressman Matt Rosendale (MT-02) officially declared his candidacy for the United States Senate at the Montana Secretary of State’s office in Helena. The announcement event was attended by numerous America First state legislators and supporters.

“For decades, Mitch McConnell and the Washington Establishment have sold the American people short,” said Rep. Rosendale. “They’ve been the architects of a $34 trillion debt, the invasion taking place at the southern border, allowing China to spy on Americans and emerge as the global superpower, all while enriching their friends with the Green New Deal, at the taxpayer’s expense.

“Montanans are sick and tired of having Washington work against them, which is why you sent me to Congress to be your voice. Since I’ve been elected, I’ve kept my promise to fight for you and stand up to the Uniparty.

“Having served in the Montana State Legislature, I know what a functioning governing body looks like, which is why I was proud of the work a handful of my colleagues and I did last January to restore regular order to the U.S. House of Representatives. Those changes included single-subject legislation, 72 hours to review bills, and offering amendments on the Floor. These changes allowed us to pass legislation to secure our border, restore America’s energy dominance, hold China accountable, and reduce spending.

“Unfortunately, Mitch McConnell and the Uniparty in the Senate killed every single one of these measures and continue to use swamp tactics to add to our $34 trillion debt and allow the invasion at our border to continue.

“Over the last several months, I have been humbled by the overwhelming support I received from Montanans across the state to challenge Jon Tester. While it has truly been an honor and a privilege to represent Montana in the U.S. House of Representatives, it is difficult for me to stand by and allow Mitch McConnell to select our next senator who would be another voice for the Uniparty and another vote for every pork-filled omnibus that comes through the Senate, which is why I am running for the U.S. Senate. “Our republic is tattered and torn, but it is not defeated. We need to send a shock to the system to restore it. So today, I am asking for your support to run for the U.S. Senate so together we can rebuild this great nation.”


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