Savage Community Hall Is A Treasure

Since 2020, things keep improving in the Savage Community Hall, and many, many caring folks have helped the board of directors achieve this.

Donations have had the highest impact on the accomplishments, and there have been several entities that commit to the hall annually.

We have discovered that the rental of our tables and chairs has filled a need in the county that we couldn't have predicted. Not only are these used in the hall, but also rented out for various events requiring seating.

We now have new appliances in the hall which are most appreciated. These will make having dinners, reunions, etc., much easier. Many thanks to the museum for these beauties.

The newest improvement that we made, was to have the floors stripped and waxed by a local company, DeNardo's Cleaning Service. The floors look amazing and haven't looked this fresh for decades.

The cost to do this hefty task was steep, and so we applied for grants. We were awarded $3,000 from the STAR Community Enhancement fund from Williston, and $500 from the Savage Coal Mine.

The remaining amount was requested from Stockman Bank for $1,000. Wade Whiteman, Stockman Bank President, stated "We are happy to help the Savage Community Hall out with this. It's projects like this that keep these small communities alive." Stockman Bank contributed to the hall in the past, with the replacement of the outside doors, making the building safer, and more weatherized.

Our deepest appreciation to all individuals, businesses, and grant funders that have helped us along on this amazing journey. Because of your support, we are able to "polish" this treasure and keep it for many years to come.


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