Richland Ranger Bantams Season Comes to a Close

Oh, what a season it has been! We have all heard or maybe even been told – "don't worry, you'll get 'em next time", or "you can't win them all" and while those statements might be true one statement seems to fit the Bantam season more than others – You either win, or you learn. The Bantams have done exactly that, learn. When things did not go quite as planned, they took it as a chance to learn and push forward.

To say that the Bantams have made their coaches, families, friends, fans, the Richland Ranger Club, and heck even themselves proud would be an understatement.

Each game this team faced over the past weekend brought new challenges for them to face and obstacles that they needed to try and overcome.

Tournament day 1 - Thursday, March 7, the Ranger Bantams, sitting at 2nd seed in the West, faced off against the Fargo Angels, 3rd seed in the East. After 3 quick periods the Rangers came out victorious with a 4-1 win.

Day 2 of the tournament, Friday, March 8, brought the Bantams a game against the Langdon Blades, 1st seed in the East. The Bantams fought ahead but were not able to get the point on the board ultimately falling to Langdon 2-6.

Their second game on Friday matched the Rangers with Mandan Mayhem, 3rd seed in the West. What a game it was – Mandan came out strong scoring in the 1st and 2nd, but your Rangers fought back in the 3rd taking the game to overtime where they unfortunately fell to Mandan 3-4.

Saturday, March 9 the Bantams found themselves face to face once again with the Fargo Angels for their final game of the tournament. This game took the Rangers to their 2nd overtime game of the tournament which came to a close when the Bantams defeated the Angels 6-5.

The Bantams end their season with 14 wins and 2 losses in league play and 2 wins and 2 loses in the state tournament. Thank you to everyone that supported the 2023-2024 Richland Ranger Bantams. This past season was one wild ride and a heck of a journey for these kids and their coaches, Braden Kindopp and Shane Schantz.

Let these players remember the moments spent at the rink, the memories made and let them take pride in playing this great sport. Until next season everyone.


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