Camp Encourages Interest In County's 4-H Programs

Richland County/MSU Extension agent Josie Evenson was surrounded by some of the youngest individuals interested in 4-H during a day camp at the Extension center on Saturday.

In attendance were about 20 Cloverbuds, who are between the ages of 5-8. The youngsters are introduced to 4-H before taking part in competitive projects in future years.

Evenson said the day included teaching the children the 4-H pledge through different fun activities. Part of the time featured the kids painting the 4-H clover.

Other projects included making coasters and a fake fish aquarium.

The children also helped with preparing dessert for their pizza lunch. Evenson said that segment included lessons about germs and hand washing.

She added that such a day camp is held each year to get the young children excited about 4-H.

"I think it's important to start them young and to introduce them to 4-H," Evenson said.

She said the program also gets the children familiar with the 4-H format including the importance of meeting deadlines.

The Cloverbuds are also invited to other 4-H activities throughout the year.

"We try to include them, but this is a day just geared for them," Evenson said.

There are about 40 total Cloverbuds in Richland County. Felixe Becker, Missouri River Ranchers' 4-H Club member, assisted Evenson with running the day's activities.


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