Sidney High School Students Entertain At Spring Concert

Sidney High School choir and band members entertained with musical selections during their spring concert on April 30.

Highlighting the night was the annual presentation of honors to top students of the music departments.

Award winners for choir were Maude Hammerly with the National Choral Award and Cayla Hanson with the Arion Award. Established in 1948, the Arion Award gives national recognition to junior and senior class members chosen by their schools for outstanding achievement.

Xander Schlothauer received the Screamin' Eagle Pep Band award.

Hayden Wiidanen was the winner of the band director's choice award.

Receiving the Louie Armstrong jazz award was Daniel Stevens.

Theresa Wick was the recipient of the John Philip Sousa award. The Sousa Award recognizes outstanding dedication and superior musicianship.

Musical selections by the choir were "You Do Not Walk Alone," "Muuskia," "Shine Little Star" and "Hi! Ho! The Rattlin'Bog."

Choir members included Faith Bartels, BrookLynn Brown, Audree Deming, Hailey Getchell, Jaradin Johnson, Isabella Miller, Leah Mossmayer, Lilly Reese, Kaiden Roote, Kim Sartin, MaKenna Sparks, Mya Strait, Madison Thompson, Brooke Watson, Hope Bartels, Sydney Bertrand, Raine Bones, Danica Denowh, Marie Emly, Maude Hammerly, Brynja Halvorson, Signe Halvorson, Cayla Hanson, Ashlynn Johnston, Mylie Josephson, Mercedes Lamb, Nellie Nilsen, Shaniah Painter, Sophie Pust, Claire Steinbeisser, Hunter Emly, Michael Huggins, Kyle Pust, Dace Riedel, Deegan Vanover, Cameron Wheeler and Carter Wiese.

The band performed "A Copland Tribute," "St. Croix Strut," "In Heaven's Air," "Rhapsody for Euphonium" and "Stevie Wonder In Concert."

Band members included Maude Hammerly, Natalie Helfrich, Rebecca Ann Jorstad, Morgan Kindopp, Alyssa Batchelor, Paul Gonsalez, Emma Pust, Athena Cramer, Luca Verville, Chloe Thompson, Gabriel Enriquez, Corben Holler, AnnDee Eksteen, Rylan Johnson, Ave' Norby, Jesslyn Roth, Lucy Sommerfeld, Daxton Brower, Johnatan Delgado, Corey Goetz, Iris Brost, Audrey Oprica, Monica Steinbeisser, Daniel Stevens, Hayden Wiidanen, Carter Heggem, Nicholas Jorstad, Rhys Larson, Dawsen Baltrusch,iEthan King, Michael Jorstad, Xander Schlothauer, Jarret Averett, Parker Wunder, Joshua Pollari, Grayson Morrill, Theresa Wick, Thaylan Fisher, Britta Lassey, Ella Norby, Corbin Steinbeisser, Macki Gonzalez, Mercedes Lamb, Logan Lowrey, Zach Olson, Christian Rassmussen and Isaak Lassey.


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