Letter To The Editor

I will begin by stating how important it is for us to make it a priority to vote in the upcoming primary on June 4!  Some local and state positions will be won in the primary. Don’t miss out on this important time to make your choices count!

Republican Brandon Ler is my choice for House District 33.  Brandon is a rancher, business owner and father. A former school board member and volunteer firefighter, Brandon has two Legislative sessions under his belt, and can hit the ground running in 2025. He is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and supports agriculture, small businesses, and natural resource development. Brandon stands solidly in his fight to protect our rights, freedom, and livelihood. 

Brandon’s opponent believes that making laws is only about compromising, and “fighting is for children.” She hasn’t committed to a stance on any issue. I hope you can see through her claim of being a Republican. 

When you vote for state leadership on June 4, consider which candidate takes a stand and is willing to fight to pass laws that benefit your family, and which candidate will sway with the wind to keep the peace.

Is your candidate willing to go to bat to pass bills that benefit you, and willing to fight to kill bad bills that will hurt your family and your business? Or do you want someone representing you who compromises away your rights and freedoms?

If you don’t take a stand, you’ll fall for anything. If you can’t take a stand and fight for your constituents, the Legislature is not for you. If your candidate can’t take a stand on the important issues, your rights, freedoms, and livelihood are at stake. I’ll be voting for Brandon Ler for HD33 on June 4.

Laurie Sazama


Dawson County


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