Williston Research Extension Center Field Day Features Something For Everyone

It just might save a life!

July 10, 2024 residents in the MonDak area may find a way to save a life in a special addition to the Williston Research Extension Center Field Day with STOP THE BLEED® training. The Williston REC is known for its long history of collaborative research as part of NDSU Agriculture. The crop research taking place at the WREC has brough new varieties and cropping system advancements into the MonDak region. The information from the WREC has been used in fields to enhance profitability with pest control and assisted with recommendations for protecting crops. The July 10 WREC Field Day may protect the people of the region in a broad-reaching way with Stop the Bleed.

It can take valuable minutes for an emergency first responder to reach the site of someone who has experienced a life-threatening situation due to bleeding. Many people would benefit from having someone closer by who can help to stop or minimize this bleeding within a key three-to-five minutes after the incident occurred. Collaborating with Stop the Bleed trainers joining the WREC Field Day from NDSU Extension, a training will be offered for those in attendance at the July 10 event to help them be prepared to save a life if the need arises.

Sam Funk, WREC director, said “We have always cared about the producers and stakeholders in the region. That includes caring about them as people. This offering allows us to demonstrate part of the outreach NDSU has brought forward to care for the communities we serve each day. Everyone is important and we want to help encourage health and safety in our rural and more densely populated communities.”

While agronomy and horticulture topics will continue to be offered on July 10 in Williston at the WREC, Funk highlighted the driving need for the Stop the Bleed training. He said, “Many of our producers and rural citizens are far enough from first responder points of origin that having someone close who can utilize Stop the Bleed training could make a significant difference to save a life.”

Anyone can register for the Williston, event at the WREC. The content dealing with stopping life-threatening bleeding may be unsettling for some; but it may also save a life. It definitely has a purpose for anyone in the region who desires to participate.

An advance registration for the Stop the Bleed training at the July 10 WREC Field Day is requested. If you would be interested in a Stop the Bleed kit that includes materials to utilize following the training if you needed to help someone suffering from a severe bleeding incident, those kits will be available at their cost of $20 if ordered in advance with the registration.

This training will not be scheduled for the July 11 WREC Irrigated Site Field Day. That day will feature the irrigated agronomy research taking place in the Ray, fields.

Advance Registration for the Stop the Bleed training at the July 10 WREC Field Day is available at: https://forms.gle/1YsZE1VDgP7cz6px6

Information on the Williston REC Field Days is available online at: http://www.ag.ndsu.edu/WillistonREC/

More Information is available by calling the WREC office at 701-774-4315.


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