Esther Vallejo Sorensen, 83, Oroville, WA (formerly of Savage, MT)

Esther Vallejo Sorensen was received by her Lord on Tuesday, Feb. 6 at 10:44 a.m., sharing her last breaths in the arms of her children, grandchildren, and friends. She came to teach in Oroville, WA, in 1963 and lived to 83, each year was rich with love, family, dancing, and singing. We will not grieve for Esther but instead find comfort in that which she has left for us; her daughter Lisa, son Scott, seven grandchild, Chanel No.5, Seven Spanish Angels, Honey Nut Cheerios, roses, dancing shoes, coral red nails, and little sweet treats. She is forever the matriarch, the glue which binds our family together.

She was born at home in Savage, MT, to Paula Padilla Vallejo and Desiderio Vallejo, and sister of 11 siblings. Though they started from humble beginnings, all of the Vallejo children pursued higher education as first-generation Americans. As a child, Esther preferred to occupy herself with books and cooking over farm work. She attended Moorhead State and Stout College studying English and Spanish before she transferred to the University of Montana and met the love of her life, Garry Sorensen, on a blind date.

She struggled to access education in both high school and college, but was lucky enough to have the support of her family who helped her find housing and scholarships to go to college. She has always believed that the way to a better life is through education.

Her impact on this town is tangible. Esther intertwined her passion for the arts with her career as a teacher in the Oroville school system. She taught Spanish, Drama, and English, making lifelong bonds with her students, and was not unfamiliar with the process of walking children into adulthood.

Esther's "casita' on the lake is home to many memories, parties, and reunions. Its walls contain eclectic collages of those who came before her and remain today.

By request, Esther was cremated and will be placed with Garry from Lake Osoyoos to Savage, MT, and all the place that she held close to her heart. A memorial was held at the Faith Lutheran Church on Tuesday, Feb. 17 with an after-party at Rancho Grande.

Let us pray. Dear Lord, we thank you for the impact that Esther has had on all of our lives. We lift up our prayers of gratitude for the legacy of love and faith she leaves behind. May her spirit continue to inspire us to live with kindness, compassion, and devotion to you. Lord, we surrender our pain and sadness to you, trusting in your divine plan and resting in the assurance of your unfailing love.

Interment of her ashes will be during the weekend of Aug. 17-18.


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