Flory Family Racing

The Flory family has been involved with the Williston Basin Speedway since its earliest beginnings, and their grandfather was the head flag man until his passing. Today, Dalton Flory, along with his father, uncle and cousin, all share the dirt track in their stock and mod cars and have taken turns on the board as well.

Dalton's grandparents purchased Beeline Services in the '70s and his uncle, John, operates it now. Dalton races both a stock and modified car, and his father, Joe, races a stock car. Dalton loves the heat of competition and the constant hunt for an edge to improve every race. The "thrill of driving", a love for working on his vehicles, and an inner push to be the best you can be brings him back to the track every week, ready for more.

Without a board to operate it or helping hands to keep equipment and the track up to par, the speedway wouldn't be possible, and Dalton and his father, uncles, and cousin have certainly filled those shoes. His uncle, Jerry Flory, served as president for several years, as has his cousin, Dustin. His Dad has served on the board, and Dalton served as vice president for two years. They help with equipment care and weekly track prep, working towards a consistently smooth, fast, and safe racing surface.

Dalton would like to see multiple lanes of racing at the Speedway, giving spectators the best bang for their buck, and hopefully, a full grandstand. With races through September, there's plenty of time to enjoy some of the action at the Williston Basin Speedway, and maybe catch a Flory in victory lane!


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