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  • Basic Lawn Care Tips

    Con Donvan|Apr 27, 2022

    • Cut and bag the first clipping. It should be cut short. Raise mowing height to 3" for the remainder of the season. Mulch or bag as preferred. • Sharpen mower blade(s) regularly. • Do not use herbicide treated lawn clippings as a garden or flowerbed mulch because desirable plants may wilt or die. • Water on a consistent basis. Your lawn needs approximately 1" of water per week. If your lawn needs moisture before we arrive for your first spray please water as needed. • Maintain a regular f...

  • Combating Tree Sprouts & Suckers

    Con Donvan|Apr 28, 2021

    Has your beautiful green turf been taken over by tree sprouts? Tree sprouts and suckers can invade the nicest yard and create mowing issues. Suckers are vigorous vertical growth coming from the roots or the lower main stems of a plant. Suckers are usually considered undesirable; you want the plant but not the suckers. In addition to mowing hassles these stems zap nutrients from the main plant. Some examples of suckering ornamentals are lilac, Chinese elm, cottonwood, birch and silver maples. Kee...

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