B&B Builders Named In Top Ten

Sidney’s Top 10 of 2011

The Roundup has selected B&B Builders as one of this year’s Top Ten recipients. B&B Builders has shown that they care deeply about Sidney, as not only did they initiate and spearhead the drive to obtain new playground equipment for West Side Elementary, but this year they also purchased the J.C. Penney building, the old Sidney Electric building, and the old Green Leaf building, all located in one block on Main Street. B&B made this purchase to help keep downtown Sidney healthy and strong.

“With the involvement we have in Sidney and area, and as good as the oil field has been for people and businesses in the area, we thought these buildings would work well for area needs,” says Roger Byer, B&B Builders. “Sidney can’t stand to lose stores, so we are trying to keep stores in the downtown area so Sidney remains as vibrant as possible. It’s maybe not a smart move financially, but it wasn’t smart to be here in the ‘80s when the last boom ended.”

He adds, “This is our home and we have to protect our home.”

With the purchase of the three buildings, B&B first turned its attention to the J.C. Penney store and completed some needed renovations in the basement area. “The basement had water problems, so we cleaned that up and made the basement sales area larger,” Byer comments. “We also put in new floors, ceilings and lighting.”

The J.C. Penney store has two years remaining on its current lease, and Byer says this will provide everyone with enough time to determine store needs and to plan for future renovations at the site. “We will have ample time to negotiate with Penney’s regarding other upgrades and to determine what the community wants,” Byer remarks. “Penney’s already has conducted research nationally as to what a community like ours needs. With Sidney expected to continue to grow, this gives us a great opportunity to develop the building, and we have lots of ideas for expansion if that’s what Penney’s wants. We have a positive outlook as to what the store management will decide to do.”

He adds, “Now is the time to make this facility a better place for the community. Penney’s is central to downtown, and we want to enhance what we’ve already got.”

The old Green Leaf building, also purchased by B&B Builders, now houses J’z Fashion Threadz, which opened in mid November. “It looks really nice in there,” Byer comments. “They’ve done a nice job.”

The future also looks very optimistic for the reopening of the old Sidney Electric store. “We’re excited because a local entrepreneur would like to reopen a GE appliance store in that location, along with an outdoor sports supply outlet,” Byer remarks. “Renovations on that building will be done as needed to enhance the store.”

B&B also plans to clean up the fronts of the old Sidney Electric store and J’z Fashion Threadz. “We’d like to restore these store fronts to their original brick,” Byer says. “These renovations won’t be completed overnight, but our goal is to have nice buildings for the community, rather than watching them deteriorate. Everything depends on time, money and weather, as all of these are factors in eastern Montana.”

B&B also thanks Stockman Bank for their willingness to take an interest and understanding in this project by providing the necessary financing.


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