Trashy Tuesdays: Mark Your Calendars for October 16


Trashy Tuesday will occur on October 16th from 3:00 p.m. to 700 p.m. at Richland Opportunities, Inc. ROI is located off Highway 16 North at 1100 Silurian Lane, Sidney, MT. Balloons will mark the turn along with signage for the event. Trashy Tuesday is a recycling event free to the public and allows the recycling of corrugated cardboard, newspaper and magazines, office and junk mail paper, # 1 plastic bottles and #2 -#6 plastic bottles.

Trashy Tuesday is sponsored by the Recycling Advisory Committee. This committee is composed of volunteers whose mission is to assist the public in having recycling options. Trashy Tuesday is held every third month on the third Tuesday with committee members volunteering their time and energy to sponsor this event. Committee members consist of Russ Huotari, Jeff Hinz, George Biebl, Kent Simonis, Leah Norby, Gary and Emily Schaff, Greg and Linette Miller, Leslie Whiteman, Cindy Eleson and Randy Olson. Trashy Tuesdays were the “brainchild” of the 2010 Vista program and have been held consistently since January of 2011. Recruitment of more volunteers is a priority for the committee and the committee would encourage anyone who is interested in recycling to contact Cindy Eleson at (406) 488-3341, Ext. #4, about volunteering their time and talents for the recycling program.

Trashy Tuesdays’ events are a self sort process where the public sorts their recyclables into labeled boxes. The Recycling Advisory Committee strongly urges that presorting of recyclables occur prior to attending the event. All plastic bottles/jars with numbers 1 through 7 and which have a threaded neck are accepted. Every plastic bottle has a “chasing arrow” sign on its base, and inside the chasing arrow sign is a number. In order to hasten the process, # 1 bottles need to be sorted into one group. Examples of #1 bottles are water, pop, and vegetable oil, and are generally clear plastic. Plastics bottles #2-#7 should be sorted into a second group and include milk jugs, and laundry detergent, pill, and hair product bottles. As long as the container has a threaded neck which is smaller than the base, it can be taken to the drive. The drive will not accept yogurt containers, plastic convenience store glasses, Styrofoam, or any other plastic without a neck or is not threaded. The committee asks that all jugs and bottles be washed out and the lids removed for sanitation purposes. Office paper products include junk mail. However, manila envelopes, cardstock, and bright neon paper cannot be recycled. Newspaper and magazines must be sorted from the office paper. Catalogs and telephone directories not accepted. Community members will sort their own office paper and newspapers/magazines into labeled bins at this event.

The participants are encouraged to review what is accepted and presort before coming. Start collecting today for Trashy Tuesday on October 16th and continue collecting for the next event in January! If you are interested in joining the Recycling Advisory Committee, would like to volunteer at the drives or would like more information about the recycling drives, please contact Cindy at 406-488-3341, extension 4 or [email protected]. Bring your recyclables to October 16th Trashy Tuesday and “toss it our way.”


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