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As a parent, taxpayer and FFA alumnus, I am dedicated to the promotion of Sidney High School Career and Technical Education (CTE) formally called Vocational Education, especially the valuable and viable youth groups associated with various departments (FFA, Skills USA, FLA, and BPA). The purpose of this letter is to promote and expand the idea written by Superintendent Dan Farr and posted in the Sunday, Nov. 4th, edition of Sidney Herald (page 6) regarding the Eagle Foundation. A resent discussion with a local businessman has prompted this opinion page.

I would also like to promote and solicit community involvement as well, the expansion of thought. My rationale is:

1. School budgets through local tax and state revenues are sparingly used to support financially the travel, board/room or operation of youth groups associated with the CTE departments. This was previously noted over the summer during board meetings, demonstration of budgeted assistance, or information in newsprint.

2. Regionally our area’s workforce is predominately blue collar and natural resource in nature with a tax base derived from related individuals, businesses and/or companies.

3. The CTE student organizations spend a good amount of time raising finances for travel, B/R, registration fees, supplies, community service and some times, scholarship funding.

Thus: Local/regional individuals, businesses, and corporations are asked to invest in the youthful students who will be the trained work force of tomorrow. Please consider the umbrella of Eagle Foundation or similar options.

A. Direct donation to Eagle Foundation with no strings attached.

B. Earmark your donation to a given project, CTE group, or CTE scholarship.

Stipulations could be for local, regional, state, national activities, competitions or conferences. Pick your favorite: Mechanics, Animals, Plants or Leadership!

C. Pool your resources with other people to have a larger impact like sustainable scholarships for SHS graduated career /technical students heading to future postsecondary training.

D. Create a financial pool for a general voucher to students in CTE organizations to assist in supplies, travel, lodging, meals & uniforms.

E. Pattern and earmark your annual or lump sum donation/endowment for Career and Technical Students.

F. Visit and discuss options with CTE students and teachers/advisors prior to setting up earmarked funds to reap event projects/ideas, concerns or general information.

In conclusion I would like to highlight and publicly thank local businesses who have already stepped up to assist financially the CTE partnership of FFA/AgEd Department with recent project sponsorships and student travel voucher. Please consider joining these special supportive businesses: RJ Feeds, Tri-County Implement, American Welding, Busch Agr., and Niehenke Welding Inc. Fall is the time of Thanks Giving & Charity!


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JasonSprenger writes:

Skills gaps are emerging in the economy, which of course has significant implications for the country. One way to curb the emergence of these gaps is through improved education, particularly career and technical education (CTE). Investments in CTE are worth it. Visit www.iwnc.org for more information or to join the effort. Jason Sprenger, for the IWNC


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