Richland County Injury Prevention Team Would Like to Acknowledge and Thank MDU


During 2013 the Richland County Injury Prevention Team will recognize a local business each month that promotes responsible, safe and positive practices with their employees. The team believes that safety polices implemented in the workplace not only create a safe work environment but also help keep our community safe. Employees not only use these practices at work but take them home, which make them great role models in our community.

Montana-Dakota Utilities implemented a distracted driving policy that prohibits sending or reviewing text messages while driving a company vehicle. Also, if it is necessary for an employee to place or receive a cellular phone call at any time while operating a vehicle, the employee will safely drive the vehicle off the road to a location where the vehicle can be stopped without risk to the employee or a third party.

“I believe our distracted driving policy is a good example of how we keep our employees safe, but also how that commitment ensures the safety of the public as a whole,” said Elisa Chapin, safety manager for Montana-Dakota Utilities. “Focusing on driving tasks should be the driver’s first priority.”

The injury prevention team would like to applaud the efforts of Montana-Dakota Utilities and their employees for caring about the safety of our community. By putting the policy into action they are encouraging good driving habits which in turn will be paid forward when their drivers model good driving practices to others who look to them as a role model.

Thank You Montana-Dakota Utilities for all you do In support of our community.

If your business or a business you know has a Seat Belt Policy, a No Usage Cell Phone Policy or other policies that help make Richland County a safer place to enjoy life please contact Mary Friesz, Richland County Injury Prevention Specialist at the Richland County Health Department 433-2207. The Richland County Injury Prevention Team can also assist you in creating implementing policies.


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