DRWA Enrollment Period Ending, Sign-Up NOW!

DRWA is a rural water project being created to service an 11,000+ square mile project area in Eastern Montana. The project area includes the towns of Circle, Richey, Jordan and Fairview; the unincorporated towns of Lambert, Savage, Bloomfield, Brockway, Brusett, Cohagen, Lindsay, Sand Springs and Vida; the water districts of Highland Park, Forrest Park, Spring Grove and Whispering Trees; and the rural users in the service area. Where not defined by county boundaries, the service area is bound on the North by the Missouri River, on the West by Fort Peck Lake and the Musselshell River, on the South by arbitrary East and West alignment and on the East by the Yellowstone River and the Montana-North Dakota border.

The majority of the users do not have access to a quality of water needed for a healthy existence. The treatment of water is costly and sometimes complicated depending on what is in the water. A regional rural water system like Dry-Redwater Regional Water Authority will allow rural users to have access to a reliable, safe, high quality water supply.

Dry-Redwater Regional Water Authority (DRWA) has been working toward Federal Authorization. Unfortunately the process is extremely slow and cumbersome.

DRWA is a part of the first rural water projects to be included in the Rural Water Act of 2006 (enacted in 2010). The Bureau of Reclamation recently informed DRWA of their expectation for a final design to be drawn up prior to approving our project for construction. As a result, we need to have our final design completed to move forward with the process.

If you are interested in becoming a part of DRWA please contact us immediately. We need you to complete the necessary forms and submit your good-intention fee to be included in our final design. If water lines in our preliminary design do not have enough users those lines may be omitted from the final design.

Any users wishing to be a part of DRWA must have this completed before February 28, 2013. If we do not have enrollment forms and a good intention fee from you by then you will not be considered a part of the initial project construction.

Call us: 406-485-3792, Email us: [email protected], Website: http://www.mid rivers.com/~drwa


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