Billings Trainer at Healthworks on April 13


Heather Cotter of Sidney, has trained with Hernandez for 4 years, stated, “You should always take the exercises you hate and make them your favorites, because without something being hard you won’t make any gains.” Cotter is working on her poses and form, as she hopes to start doing competitions soon.

George Hernandez, who has been a trainer for 30 years, will be holding a training session at Healthworks this Saturday, April 13. After lifting and getting into body building, people started asking Hernandez what he was doing so he became a trainer.

Currently training in Billings, Hernandez works with about 15 clients and tailors workouts to each individual. As Hernandez stated, “People are different, some don’t like the full-body and some don’t like the free weights,” so he mixes it up.

Three of his clients, Kim Kauffman, Heather Cotter and Tami Meras reside in Sidney. After working with Hernandez, people started noticing the difference and asked them what they were doing. The interest kept rising, leading to a session being held in Sidney in February. Kauffman, who has trained with Hernandez for one year, stated, “Each of us is like a sculpture, he can look at you and know exactly what you need to work more on.”

On April 13, Hernandez will hold another training session for those interested. It will be a three hour session covering every level of fitness. The cost is $100 per person and will begin with a group session at 9 am. Items needed include workout clothes, pen and paper.

For more information and to sign up, contact Healthworks at 406-488-4631.


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