Watford City Stylist's Time to Cut and Run


Fourty six years is a very long time to many of us. Especially when it comes to maintaining a job for that long of a period. The average national length a person holds the same job consecutively, if we are lucky, is around seven years. Then many of us tend to wander on for one reason or another usually in search of that one career that will fit want we want and that we truly enjoy.

However, for Sandy Crimmins of Watford City it took her forty-six years of the career she loved before wanting to make a change. To the chagrin of her clients, Sandy put her scissors and hair styling skills to use for the last time on Thursday August 28th at Hair West Salon where she had been a stylist for the last forty years.

Being a stylist for most of her life, Sandy has seen many styles come and go. From the 70s Farrah Fawcett feather fashion or the mullet that still rears its ugly head even today or the rockin’ skyscraper high bangs of the 80s and 90s that we all had but burned the proof of (I know I did), Sandy has seen hair trends that run the gamut of awesome to awful to down right what were you thinking!

Sandy is ready to move into a new chapter in her life where someone else does the cutting and she gets to sit and relax, hopefully. Her and her husband have decided to sell their home in Watford City and move to Bismarck. Sandy says, “ I’m ready to retire” but is saddened knowing she will be leaving behind her life long friends who have become like family. Fellow stylists and clients alike have shared their lives with Sandy since she began at Hair West Salon four decades ago.

Through births, deaths, laughter and trying times Sandy enjoyed every bit of her time there at Hair West in Watford City.


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