What Will Your Story BE?

**Leave your mark on this world in your own way….not on the highway. Buckle up each and every time and never text and drive. One crash may be one too many. Be prepared to do your part and keep your community safe no matter which road you take.**

The Richland County Injury Prevention Team as a partner in “Partnership for Promise” would like to remind Richland County GRADUATING SENIORS to continue to use the knowledge and skills they have acquired over the last 12 years as they continue on their journey to independence. One of the promises the partnership works to instill in our youth is safe places… Not only does this pertain to shelters but our roadways as you travel to your destinations.

Your parents and those who love you have instilled values and ethics that not only keep you safe and healthy but your community safe and healthy. They have given you skills to help you succeed and move on to your next adventure. Remember all that you have learned….some mistakes aren’t worth making and may not give you the opportunity to learn from them.

You have statements to make, changes to orchestrate…be here to do it! Teen drivers die at 4 times the rate of adult drivers 25-69. Drivers under 21 have the highest rate of fatal crashes. The Death rate from motor vehicle crashes in Montana for 14-18 year olds is 50% higher than the national rate. You spent 12 years learning, participating and achieving…don’t become a negative statistic… Make the choice to be a part of the positive change.

According to the Montana Office of Public Instruction, motor vehicle crashes remain the highest cause of death for teens ages 15-19. Youth are listening to the messages…speeding & alcohol-related fatalities involving teen drivers are down yet vehicle crashes are still taking a toll on youth. The text can wait, the call can wait! By focusing on your surroundings and the road ahead you will arrive to tell your story.

2013 Montana Youth Risk Behavior Survey

Montana Office of Public Instruction

61.3 % of high school students talked on a cell phone while driving

55.8 % of high school students texted while driving

51.2% of high school students always wore a seat belt when driving

47.8% of high school students always wore a seat belt when riding in a car

24.5% of high school students rode with a driver who had been drinking alcohol

12.6% of high school students drove when drinking alcohol

It’s a choice you have the power to make. Make the one that will keep you safe and healthy and the opportunity to continue your story. There are many milestones waiting for you. Further Education, Career, Home, Family, Travels…you will make a difference in this world ~ make it a positive one.

CONGRATULATIONS AND SAFE TRAVELS…From the Partnership for Promisesand all their partners who are promoting safe healthy environments for our youth.


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