Roosevelt Memorial Healthcare Foundation Hosts 1st Annual Ice-Breaker Fundraiser


For the first time ever, Roosevelt Medical Center’s Roosevelt Memorial Healthcare Foundation, is hosting a fundraiser that gives participants a chance at guessing when the Missouri River will break up on a designated area of the river near Culbertson.

The first annual Ice-Breaker Fundraiser will kick off Feb.1 at 12:01 a.m. and guesses will be accepted until March 31 at 11:59 p.m. Tickets are $5 or three tickets for $10.

The person who guesses the correct date and time that the river begins to flow three miles south of Culbertson, near the Highway 16 Bridge, will win half of the proceeds. “The board felt this was a fun way to get the community involved with the Foundation. This is the time of year when people are starting to get anxious for spring to arrive and this fundraiser gives them a reason to really keep an eye on how that’s going,” said Steve Baldwin, a Board member.

So, how do you play? It’s simple! Pick up and pay for a ticket(s) at one of several locations, make your guess based on Mountain Standard Time, and then give the ticket to a board member, or mail it in.

Tickets to make guesses are available at Hometown Market, the Wild West Diner, and the Marketing Department downstairs in the clinic at RMC and from any board member. Tickets will also be available to cut out of an advertisement in the Searchlight newspaper and the Roundup, of Sidney, during the last week in February and the third week in March.

The funds raised for the project will go toward replacing the window in the Sun Room, a place where the 25 residents who call RMC home, gather to relax, socialize, watch their favorite shows on television and enjoy the birds in the aviary.

The current window consists of an all metal frame with cracked and broken panes which causes clouding between the double panes. In the winter, the metal frame radiates cold into the room and makes it difficult to maintain a comfortable room temperature. “For the residents to sit in the room, they often have to be covered with a blanket to ensure they keep warm. Our other concern is that at some point, the cracked glass may become a safety issue,” said Audrey Stromberg, Administrator for RMC.

Cost for the window and installation is estimated at $18,000. To date, about $5,000 in funds has been raised following a donation mailing sent out to the community in December.

The river breakup will be monitored by a non-participating board member and determined by a clock attached to a tripod on the river. Once the water begins flowing and the tripod falls in, it will trigger the clock to stop. The time recorded on the clock will be the time used to determine the winner.

If no one guesses the exact time of breakup, the participant with the closest time will be the winner.

Board members include Kim Knick, Chairperson; David Solem, Vice Chairperson; Sheri Gossage, Karla Forbregd, Steve Baldwin, Sharon Salvevold, John McNeil, directors, and Lana Engelke and Laura Bergum, Designates.

RMHF is a registered non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation with the mission of enhancing and securing the future of quality healthcare for the region. Throughout the year they work to raise funds for medical equipment and projects that ensure quality local healthcare, while striving to build their endowment for a secure future.

For more information, contact Jaimee Green at (406) 787-6476.


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