Richland County DUI Task Forces Purchases Lapel Cameras For Fairview PD


Richland County DUI Task Force purchased two "Lapel cameras" for the Fairview Police Department. Over the years, advances in the technologies used by law enforcement agencies have grown as with all technologies. For many departments cost is one obstacle that prevents implementing new technology, and the DUI Task Force's objective is not only education and awareness but to support law enforcement, liquor establishments and the community.

The DUI Task Force invites involvement from a cross-section of community representatives (i.e. Alcohol Establishments, Law Enforcement, Prevention & Community Members are just a few) in order to maximize awareness and education on responsible alcohol consumption and reduction of DUI crashes. The task force operates at the county level and engages in a variety of activities, such as: The RADD (Report a Drunk Driver) program, RASS (Responsible Alcohol Sales Service) Training, quarterly letters to all alcohol establishments, articles and public service announcements. They also collaborate with a variety of coalitions, groups and meetings such as, District II Alcohol & Drug, STAND, Partnership for Promise, Richland County Steering Committee, State trainings & meetings, and quarterly law enforcement meetings.

One of the most important issues currently facing law enforcement is how to improve public service. Whether it is using new technology, data analysis or social media, the goal is to engage the community. Lapel cameras can help improve the high-quality public service expected of police officers. For many departments some of the challenges are not deciding whether to adapt, but rather finding procedures that work for the department and the community. Judge Trumpower shows concern that a procedure would have to be created to destroy video that had nothing to do with a criminal case, but overall, having officers wear cameras is a "win-win." 

Fairview's Judge, Ray Trumpower said, "We have always said that cameras are a double-edged sword - they would present a lot of potential for good and a lot of potential for privacy invasions, but when you're interacting with the Police Department, the perceived imbalance is enormous. Everybody wins, citizens and the police."

Back in October, 2014 as a result of statistics and a variety of education & awareness meetings the Fairview Police Department and Police Chief Cal Seadeek contacted local Alcohol Licensees and their employees in an effort to reduce over-service of alcohol and maintain compliance with state laws. The DUI Task Force purchased these cameras as an additional resource to create a safer community for all. Additional efforts are being made to assure a safe community when it comes to responsible alcohol consumption, Alcohol Compliance Checks are performed through a cooperation between County and City law Enforcements, and supported through District II Alcohol & Drug's Prevention Staff. The DUI task force encourages the community to be: RADD 'Report a Drunk Driver'.

"On behalf of the Fairview Police Department, we would like to thank the Richland County DUI Task Force for the lapel cameras. We are honored to work with Mary Sundheim and her team and appreciate the support from our community. We take driving under the influence very seriously and will use our new equipment to assist in our officer's safety and prosecutions of such crimes. Thank you again for thinking of our department." stated Chief Calvin Seadeek, Fairview Police Department.

The DUI Task Force would like to THANK the Fairview Police Department for making a difference in our community. For more information on what you can do to make a difference please contact Mary Sundheim, DUI Task Force Coordinator at the Richland County Health Department 433-2207.


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