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Creating the country we want takes more than voting

Letter to the Editor


I’m a millennial woman. I voted for Donald Trump and I am not sorry. I did not vote for him because he’s a man; because he’s inspiring me or because I agree with everything he says. I voted for him because I thought we would have more economic opportunities with Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton.

I agree with many of you that his rhetoric is offensive. The stories of how some of this rhetoric is perpetuated by his followers make my heart sad. Just because I voted for Donald Trump doesn’t mean that I agree or support any sort of behavior that elevates one class of people over another. I voted for Donald Trump because I don’t think that our leader is the sole determinant of how inclusive or exclusive our country is. With an African American president, we seem to have the strongest racial divide of my lifetime.

Creating the country we want takes more than voting. It takes true engagement on every level of society. That seems to be something that my generation and protesters of our President elect have forgotten. What make this country great is our people. Many of us are concerned about the future including those of us that voted for Donald Trump but rather than taking to the streets, lets volunteer, engage in our communities and donate to charities. Together as the American people, we can spread love, kindness and generosity. Doing that is not the responsibility of the government but the people.


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