Sidney LVA Announces Changes In Leadership

The Learning Volunteers for Adults program is still going strong and offering services in Richland County.

Linette Miller has been serving as the program's director since late summer after Bernie Braden retired from the position after 11 years.

"I was really happy especially working with a lot of students," Braden said of her tenure. "I loved being busy."

The main instruction provided by LVA include tutoring to earn a high school diploma (HiSet), English as a second language and citizenship test.

Marlin Alcazar is a great example of the difference that the program can make. Alcazar, originally from Columbia, kept taking more and more classes from LVA. She went on to pass her citizenship test "with flying colors" in Helena.

She explained that she sought to improve her education in order to obtain a quality job. After her commitment, Alcazar is now the administrative assist at The Lodge.

"We had a hand in moving her forward," Braden, now a LVA board member, said.

Another example is a 70-year-old woman who wanted to finally earn her GED because she couldn't finish high school when she was younger.

"That's why we always need to keep a program in Sidney, it offers people opportunities," Braden said.

Miller added, "The program is here, alive and viable."

The program is for learners from age 16 and up. For more information, call 406-480-1971.


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