Where to Dump: Knowing Where to Dispose of Refuse During Spring Cleaning

Spring is nearly here, and many of us are preparing to begin our spring cleaning. It is an opportunity, however, to not only care for our homes, but for our great state. Properly disposing of hazardous materials is essential for keeping our environment safe not only for us but our future generations. With little effort and terrific results, a great difference can be made.

Those who work in industrial fields may believe proper disposal is common sense to all, but people who have little experience may find it troubling to understand what should and should not be thrown into the garbage can or dumpster.

Trees and old tires, which are reusable and should be recycled, can be taken to the Richland County Landfill and dropped off at the proper disposal area, marked with a sign for your convenience. Used motor oil and old car batteries can be properly disposed of by landfill employees if brought during operating hours. Metal scrap and waste also has a disposal area, and household quantities of chemicals may also be disposed in the proper area of the landfill.

Landfill employees urge us to bring our waste during proper operating hours, and are available for inquiry as to where hazardous materials may be properly disposed of.

If there is one thing we ought to remember when we do our spring cleaning this year, it is this - what we do today not only affects those of us here, today, but also those who will come tomorrow.

The Richland County Landfill is managed by the Solid Waste District Board.

Canister sites at Savage, Lambert and Elmdale, are accessible at any time for household quantities only.

Truck loads must be hauled to the landfill during operating hours.

Landfill Hours are 7:30 to 4:15 Monday - Saturday. The direct phone line for the landfill is 406-798-3352.

The landfill address is 13436 MT-16, approximately 14 miles northwest of Sidney on highway 16.


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