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The Walstrom Farms: Young Farmers Continue on the Farming Tradition


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Cameron getting ready to load up the grain truck.

Located seven miles north of Alexander, North Dakota sits The Wahlstrom Farm. The 4,000-acre farm consists of mainly spring wheat, barley, flax, lentils, soybeans, and durum. The farm is operated by Cameron and his dad Craig Wahlstrom. Cameron is a fourth generation farmer. "Farming has always been in the family. My great grandfather Axel Wahlstrom homesteaded near Alexander in the late 1800s and started farming. After Axel, my grandpa John took over the farm and later passed the farm on to my dad Craig and now myself," explained Wahlstrom. He currently lives on the family farm with his wife, Lacy, five-year-old daughter Reese, and two-year-old son Porter.

After graduating from NDSU with a Crop and Weed Science degree, Wahlstrom returned home in 2010 to help his dad farm. Since he has returned to the farm, he has incorporated broadleaf and irrigated crops.

Wahlstrom works as the Crop Research Specialist at the North Dakota State University (NDSU) Williston Research Extension Center (WREC), where he assists with all phases of research projects and farming activities and projects.

(L-R) Porter, Cameron and Reese in the combine.

This year Wahlstrom is excited about his durum crop. " I am feeling confident in my durum crop this year," said Wahlstrom. He also noted that NDSU's soybeans have also been very successful. Despite successful durum and soybean crop, some of his other crops suffered from hail damage. Wahlstrom added, "Unfortunately 1,800 acres were affected by hail damage this year."

Wahlstrom enjoys farming, "I like having the freedom of making my own decisions, I can experiment on my own so if I fail or succeed I can use that experience and apply it to future plans." His goals for next year include improving marketing aspects, accomplishing a productive farming year, producing high yielding crops, and making farming as price efficient as possible.


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