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The MonDak Heritage Center Announces Lobotomy By Lino Azevedo, May 7-June 1, Sidney


The MonDak Heritage Center announces Lobotomy by Lino Azevedo, on display from Tuesday, May 7 through Saturday, June 1 at the MonDak Heritage Center, 120 3rd Ave SE, Sidney. Lobotomy is a series of portraits from artist Lino Azevedo that highlight what he sees as the social and political apathy of American society.

In Lino's words: "Recently, I subscribed to cable television for the first time in my life. After only a couple of months of watching cable news and reality TV shows, I am mortified at our culture's lack of engagement on substantive matters. In the information age, it deeply saddens me that we do not dive deep into real political and social issues that are facing our society. We have access to all the great libraries in the world and yet, our airways are filled with shows that add little value to our betterment. This baffles me. With a noticeable lack of critical thinking and civil discourse, I am compelled to hold a mirror up to our society to show how we have lobotomized ourselves. Turn off the television. Put the smart phone down. Engage. Think. And, by all means, revisit real conversations with fellow citizens. Connect."

Lino Azevedo was born in the 1970s to Portuguese immigrants near the city of San Francisco, California. He earned his BA from San Jose State University and his MFA from Winthrop University. Lino has taught at colleges and universities in North Carolina and California, and currently teaches at Williston State College in Williston, North Dakota. His work can be found in galleries throughout the United States.

MDHC is open Tuesday-Friday from 10-4 and Saturday from 1-4. Admission is FREE. For more information call 406-433-3500 or e-mail [email protected]


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