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December 30, 2020 | View PDF


Another year is about to end, and a legislative session is about to start. I am honored to have been re-elected by the people from Senate District 18. Through the election the people gave a loud and clear message to those of us in the legislative process; the people of Montana want freedom!

I acknowledge that COVID-19 is a real virus and any loss of life is tragic. Nevertheless, Montanans have been impacted by the reaction to COVID-19 in several ways: from businesses suffering, to the impact on the election process, to the lack of access to normal healthcare, to families being kept apart, to kids losing opportunities, to parents and grandparents not being allowed to watch their kids participate in activities, to our elderly dying alone, to people losing hope and taking their lives. The reaction to COVID-19 is giving us consequences we will have to deal with for years to come.

That being said, I am excited about the 2021 legislative session and what freedom it could bring to Montana. Most of my colleagues in the legislature have not served under a Republican governor who holds the ideology that the people of Montana are smart, responsible and able to take care of themselves without government mandates and directives. I’m reminded of the quote from President Ronald Reagan, “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem.” My plan is to always vote for FREEDOM again this session as I have in the past two sessions.

As for the Presidential election, I am very concerned about the corruption that has come to light and no one can reasonably argue that there has been no corruption. I think we have the moral obligation to investigate this corruption to the fullest. What would our country be without integrity in the elections?

It is an honor to live in Montana and especially in eastern Montana where the people are friendly and respectful. Even through the struggles of 2020, neighbors still help neighbors continuing to make eastern Montana a great place to live.

May God bless you all! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

For Freedom,

Steve Hinebauch


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