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Where To Start With Décor


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In every life, it seems there comes a time when we are faced with a home or office that needs decorating. Whether it is a remodel, a new build, or simply updating and renewing, we all have that moment when we wonder where to start. Take heart; there are ways to simplify decorating that anyone can apply.

First, start to notice what it is you like. Start a page on Pinterest and pin every page that resonates with you. Peruse every magazine and brochure that comes you way. Keep every picture where you find yourself thinking. "I love that!" Even if it is only one specific piece, keep the picture. Eventually, as your pages of pictures add up, you will begin to notice a theme. Perhaps every picture has white woodwork in it; perhaps there is always a big mirror because you like extra light in a room. As you review your own book of décor, you will find a look that seems to resonate. Is it more traditional? Farmhouse chic? Modern?

With this information in hand, you will have a good starting point. Once you decide on a look that feels right for you and your lifestyle, it will be much easier to stay away from items that clash with your style.

Second, if once you have arrived at a style, you are still overwhelmed with picking out colors, flooring, lights, rugs and décor, take advantage of the interior decorators in the area. There are several that will be happy to assist you with all the details. The one thing interior designers have is a wealth of knowledge about everything in home design. They can save you time and money by helping you pick out a paint color that will be a good match for your woodwork, rugs that will anchor your room, lights that will put out the right amount of light for your space.

When you find yourself stuck, you can also bring pictures in to your local home décor stores and we will be happy to help you make the next step.

When your project is done, the joy of walking into a room that feels right is one you won't want to change soon.


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